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since 15 Jan 1998

Update 1 Oct 2001

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Development concept

This CAD is made so that it can be operated by the touch which draws an electric schematic on paper.
Drawing of a fine portion can be performed by abundant edit functions.

The feature

It is a management of two or more schematics by MDI interface.
It corresponds to the paper size of 6 kinds of every direction of A4, A3, and A2.
There is a print preview function.
Since it has transmitted to the clip board in text form, package edit can be performed by the editor.
It can copy to a clip board in bit map form and EMF form (extended meta file form).
Input items are WIRE, BUS, LINE, PART, TEXT, JUNCTION, etc.
Even if it uses neither a menu nor a tool bar, a zoom function is possible only at mouse operation.
Edit of a title file can be performed. Preservation which embedded the title file at the schematic file can also be performed.
A signal name, a pin name, a pin number, etc. can be edited collectively.
Creation of parts can be performed on that occasion, drawing a schematic. Registration of the created parts can also be performed.
Since parts can be edited in a schematic, change of the position of a pin, length, and an attribute is possible.
Since parts have been independent in a schematic file, even if it changes parts, it does not have influence on other schematic files.
A change of a display at every one pin is possible. A display of a pin name and a pin number can also be changed.
It is made to a setup which does not change a position even if the length of a character changes, since a setup of all the character starting points is possible.
A reference function and a jump are possible.
There is a check function of a schematic. The duplicating check of a parts number and a pin number is made.
There are automatic allotment of a parts number and a parts number reset function. A parts number is assigned sequentially from the upper left of a schematic.
The output of a netlist can be performed.
A parts table is outputted by CSV file format. It can take in to Excel etc.
Automatic backup function (specification of the directory for backup can be performed.)
There are UNDO which can return until it opens a file, and a REDO function.

Environment of operation

D2 CAD operates by Windows 95, and 98/WindowsNT. It does not operate in Windows 3.1.

Computer : PC / AT compatible machine (more than Pentium75MHz is recommended) NEC PC-9821 series
OS : WindowsNT4.0/3.51/Windows 95, 98 (NT is recommended)
Graphics : 256 or more colors. Resolution should carry out and have a certain thing as much as possible.
Memory : 32MB or more
Mouse & keyboard : It is absolutely required.
Hard disk : About 10MB of empty domain is required at the time of installation.
Display monitor : 17 inches or more want.
Printer : A page printer is recommended.

The cautions on program use

A signal name, a pin number, a pin name, and a parts reference number should avoid Japanese use.
A parts reference number should use one or more. 0 and minus value are used inside a program.
Please do not use a comma for a parts name and a parts reference number.
When making parts and it registers a character, don't use "D2 CAD." It is reserved by the program.
The parts reference number has not distinguished the capital letter and the small letter.

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